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How to Hire a Company for White Goods Recycling

There will probably come a point where you have old white goods in your kitchen, however you either want new ones or they just don’t seem to work very well anymore. You may think of selling them at a low price to make some cash out of them, however recycling may also come to your mind. So what is to be done? Should you hire a home clearance company to help you with this? Or should you hire a rubbish removal company? Either way, you know you have never done this before and you wonder how to go about it. The answer is simple! You hire a white goods recycling company that will help you with all your recycling needs. Your fridge, freezer, dishwasher, tumble dryer – you name it and they will be able to help you with it. So what are the actual steps for hiring a clearance company that can do your recycling for you? Fear not, we have compiled a short list that will help you with this!

•    Make a list of what white goods you want recycled. Every rubbish removal company is different and not every company will recycle the goods that you are looking to dispose of. White goods have certain regulations attached and it is imperative that your goods meet them! A domestic clearance often plays well for upgrading into the next part of your life because it ensures that clean, beautiful and new goods come into your place.

•    Find out the rates of the provider before you decide to book anything with them. There are a lot of companies on the market that do recycling and it is wise to always check them beforehand. You do not want to encounter a company that you paid a certain amount for, only to find out a few days later than you would have gotten a much better deal elsewhere. It is imperative to do your due diligence and be smart about how you choose to spend your money. Doing a flat clearance and disposing of white goods takes time and you need to select the right people from the right company to do this for you.

•    When you obtain a no obligation quote, ensure that the company has quoted you with a price inclusive of VAT. It is very common for firms not to quote you with VAT inclusive and then you may have a sticker shock by the end of the day when they let you know what the total price is inclusive of the surcharge. Always request that all taxes and any other additional charges be put in. The trouble with recycling companies is that it is very easy for them to simple put add-ons, without even letting you know, and then be really sly about it. Don’t get caught in schemes and make sure that you always check beforehand!

•    Ensure that the company you choose to hire for your white goods recycling is both qualified and licensed. It is sad that there are so many rogue traders on the market who think nothing of taking your money and disappearing without a trace. It is best to safeguard yourself by having friends or family refer you someone that is able to do a reliable job and is trustworthy at the same time.